Welcome to my new blog

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Many moons ago I actively did photography. I used to run my own portrait and wedding photography business. I guess I always had a photography bug. When I was a young man my dad wanted me to learn to shoot on an old 35mm. I instead opted for an automatic point and shoot because it was, well, automatic and I wouldn’t have to make any adjustments on my own. It’s now over 30 years later and I wish I hadn’t been afraid to pick up that camera.

I’ve decided I want to get back into doing photography. Probably not as a business, but just for fun. Since it’s January and the beginning of a new year I figured this would be the best time to start. This blog is to show off my photography. I’m going to go through my archives and dig out some of my favorites and maybe some not so favorites. I’ll post new photos as I take them.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy my photographs.

A note about photos appearing on my blog: All photos on my blog were taken by me and are copyright by Neal Jacob all rights reserved.  Please contact me if you have any questions.